Articles by Douglas Grant on Network Integration

For the last three decades Douglas M. Grant has been at the forefront of the Closed Circuit Television Industry.

Microsoft Certified Professional Systems Engineer

The Wireless Truth
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Tomorrows cameras will have RF devices built in with high gain antennas capable of 5km distances, compression techniques will improve to see high resolution images compressed to 1 KB. No hardware will be required at the control room apart from a dedicated video server capable of processing hundreds of cameras simultaneously and displaying them on numerous large flat LCD screens. They are all happening very soon thanks to video over wireless IP.

The Truman Story
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A television news station recently ran the same old story on surveillance cameras in public places, this news item instigated an interesting conversation that I thought was worthy of a mention. The conversation began with how frustrating the civil libertarians tend to be regarding, their limited and boring viewpoint of cameras and invasion of privacy...

CCTV and Privacy
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In the previous issue of Focus, I shared with you the conversation I had about the never-ending debate concerning privacy and electronic eye. The first topic discussed was about the civil libertarians. Other topics in the conversation were; What could we compare historically to surveillance, the security camera and how public space is altered by the use of surveillance cameras.

The Security Industry goes Digital
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Exciting times lay ahead for the industry suppling IP-Surveillance solutions. This relatively new technology has taken the world by storm and will most assuredly continue to focus on the security demands of network integrators.

How did the IT Industry get involved
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The year is 2006, you are sitting around with a group of colleagues prior to the Second Annual IT Security Trade Show. The discussion is centered on how and when the Security Industry lost their market in CCTV sales.