Security Consulting Services:

  1. 1. Site Visits for initial design
  2. 2. Interaction with staff in regards to installations
  3. 3. Drafting of performance specification with Analytic processing
  4. 4. Publish a network diagram consisting of all components in the Security system
  5. 5. Hand over documents "Ready to go to Tender"
  6. 6. Evaluation of tender responses
  7. 7. Award project to successful contractor
  8. 8. Meet with contractor and client to discuss any client variations
  9. 9. Submit variations and compliances to the Client
  10. 10. Use Performing Specification documents as Scope of Works
  11. 11. Organise pre-testing and commencement of the installation
  12. 12. Regular site meetings with contractor
  13. 13. Inspect and test any Wireless Links for data throughput
  14. 14. Integration of HLI or Low Level Devices such as Alarms and Access Control solutions
  15. 15. Initiate regular progress reports to client
  16. 16. Inspect and Sign off on completion of the installation
  17. 17. Configure and commission the VMS and remote access devices
  18. 18. Update all camera and IP devices firmware to latest versions
  19. 19. Sign off on configuration upgrade
  20. 20. Initiate Training program for Client

Send mail with any questions or instructions

  • - There is no guess work or necessity for the contractor to change the scope of works.
  • - The client will always receive what was agreed on.

    - All my clients are happy with the Performance Specification I write for their particular project requirements. As one contractor aptly stated after completing a project specified by Douglas

  • "I found the specification very helpful. I was sure what I was supplying in my quote was exactly what was specified due to the exact information that was provided. I did not find any grey areas at all."

  • Douglas is also one of a select group of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers.

    Becoming the first MCSE in the industry, he is certified to work along side your IT people.

    www.cctv.com.au was the Premier CCTV Web Page on the Internet published in 1995 and has been a continuous source of information for the industry at large.

    We have been instrumental in placing CCTV technology systems with Queensland Transport, Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, Gold Coast City Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Glass House Chamber, Cooroy, Murgon, Mitchelton, Noosa, Wondai, Caloundra and other major entities throughout Qld. and the Northern Territories. We also assist applications of Security installations thru Federal and State Funded Projects.

    We have also been aggressively promoting education through his CCTV correspondence course with graduates scattered all over the world since 1995.

    CCTV Specialist will also assist as an expert forensic science witness in all matters pertaining to any incident or litigation involving Camera Surveillance and all recorded data.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional Systems Engineer

    Statement of Independence:

    CCTV Consultants is independent of any manufacturer, supplier, or installer of CCTV.

    Certified Analytic Consultant

    Douglas will integrate, State of the Art, Analytic technologies to new or existing IPCCTV Systems.

    PL - Certificate of Currency -

    PI - Certificate of Currency -

    ABN 51 152 015 178