The Industries Guide to CCTV (AUD $45.00)

The complete package on Analogue CCTV called, "The Industries Guide to CCTV"
is still available to the security industry!

This well laid out course is recommended for all. Whether you are designing, selling, installing or finding out what the CCTV industry is all about this Course has the information you need to perform at the consultant level of expertise.

The publisher has agreed to show you just ONE of SEVEN chapters in one of the included text
books called "The Industries Guide to CCTV".

Overall objectives of the book are:

To increase professionalism within the CCTV industry by:
  • - raising the level of technical knowledge
  • - developing appropriate skills in specifying equipment while designing systems that meet client needs
  • - creating an awareness of the need to design and install high quality CCTV systems
As a result you can be expected to:
  • - enjoy an excellent reputation for producing high quality work;
  • - have the technical knowledge and confidence to be able to design and install CCTV systems that meet your client's needs

  • This book will be an aid in understanding the following:
  • Analogue Cameras, Lense, Monitors, Cabling, Control equipment, Transmission Devices & Tender Process
  • This book was the first CCTV book written in 1995 and offers a case study of a department store which includes the industries approved tender process

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    Don't just take our word for it....

    “As a Consultant I found the information extremely valuable while including most situations encountered in the tender process.”
    - Stacey Kirmos, Security Consultant

    “Our Projects Division have commented, "Finally, one book which has the technical information needed for a good CCTV installation."
    - Andrew Kilby, James Hardie Automation

    ”The book is a must for anyone in the Security Industry and certainly the first of its kind in the market place.”
    - Col Waters, Australian Construction Services

    “The Industries Guide to CCTV has made a very technical and specialised industry, comprehensible. The reader gains confidence with the newly found knowledge.”
    - Mark Ruggeri, Criminal Justice Commission.